General Terms of Business

General Terms of Business

1. Scope
The present General Terms of Business (GTB) apply for all contracts concluded with Hotel Sonne, Hauptstraße 94 in 77652 Offenburg. They may be amended or replaced by individual regulations. Consumers in the sense of the business relationship are natural persons with whom a business relationship is entered into without it being possible to ascribe a commercial or independent professional activity to them. Entrepreneurs in the sense of the Terms of Business are natural persons or legal entities, or partnerships with legal personality with whom business relationships are entered into who are acting in the exercise of a commercial or independent professional activity. Principals in the sense of the Terms of Business are both consumers and entrepreneurs. Any deviating, contradictory or supplementary terms of business of the principal are not part of the contract, even if known, unless written consent to their applicability is expressly given.

2. Conclusion of the accommodation agreement
The accommodation agreement (lodging agreement) can be reached in writing, by mouth, by telephone or by conclusive behaviour. The accommodation agreement also applies for all participants listed in the registration and the registrant is responsible for their contractual obligation as he is for his own obligations. The conclusion of the accommodation agreement obliges both contracting partners to fulfil it. If the room confirmation differs from the content of the registration, this constitutes a new offer on the part of the hotel which is binding upon the hotel until the date of the named option. The contract comes into force on the basis of this new offer if the guest confirms acceptance within the hotel’s commitment period.

3. Reservations
If rooms are reserved on an option basis, the option dates are binding for both contracting parties. After the expiry of the agreed option period the hotel may do as it wishes with the rooms and services booked on an option without further consultation. Rooms which have been reserved and confirmed by the hotel are made available on the day of arrival from 1 p.m. and until the day of departure at 11 a.m..

4. Terms of payment
Invoices can be settled in cash, or by EC Card, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If the guest stays in the hotel for longer than 6 days, the hotel is entitled to submit individual interim invoices and to require the guest to pay them.

5. Prepayments
The hotel is entitled to require any guest who has not made a reservation to make a prepayment in the sum of the accommodation price upon conclusion of the accommodation agreement.

6. Cancellations, cancellation fees
If reservations are cancelled by the guest or if the services offered by the hotel are not taken up, the booked and reserved contractual services that have been contractually offered by the hotel but not used by the guest (especially guests’ lodging) will be charged to the guest by the hotel at the following flat rates:
Cancellations up to 30 days before arrival: free of charge
Cancellations between the 29 days and 1 day before arrival: 50% of the booked service price.
The cancellation fees will be waived if it has been possible to let the room.
If a guest has forgotten to cancel a reservation, the hotel will charge the full price of the stay minus breakfast and any parking that has been booked.

7. Room categories
There are differences in price because of the different location, size and furnishing of rooms.

8. The hotel also welcomes dogs and cats. Cost: €8 per day per pet.

9. Conditions of use for vehicles
The parking spaces are used subject to the following conditions and at the owner’s risk. There is no safekeeping of items. The hotel accepts no liability for damage by third parties. The hotel is only liable for damage that is proven to have been caused by staff through gross negligence or deliberate intent. Claims for such damage must be made before leaving the car park.
Because parking is limited, car parking spaces must be reserved. Cost: €7.
Reservation of a room does not automatically entitle guests to park their car in the hotel’s courtyard.

The legal venue is the Local or Regional Court competent for the hotel’s location.

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